About Mama Bump Maternity Dress Rentals

Inspired by the opportunity to empower and uplift women, Rebecca Chaves found her passion for dress design as a designer for J&L Designs. Good fashion is magic. It inspires confidence. And in our case, it empowers women to embrace the power of creating new life. We’ve seen it in maternity photos and special occasions; the right dress does more than show off your baby bump. A good maternity photoshoot dress makes mommas-to-be radiant and gives our rental service heart and purpose.

Years of handcrafting dresses showed Chaves the beauty fashion can bring to life and the financial burden a designer maternity dress purchase can impose. Chaves knew the joy a perfect dress could bring and set out to make maternity shoot fashion accessible and affordable. Mama Bump Rentals comes from humble beginnings: Chaves began hand-making dresses in her sister’s basement with just $700. 

As a full-time mom and designer, she knew this dream would take more than just herself. The love and support of fellow military wives helped bring the Mama Bump Rentals vision to life. It gives us so much pride to see the love and joy our maternity dress rental service spreads. Thanks for sharing this special moment in your life with us, from maternity sessions to baby showers.

We are devoted to making the rental process simple so that soon-to-be mamas can enjoy this special time. As a rental company, we know that maternity clothes, let alone maternity gowns, are only worn once. We’re changing the game with rental maternity. Mama Bump Rentals offers a range of different styles of designer maternity gowns from maternity brands like Sew Trendy and Pink Blush. Find a rental dress you’ll love for that special occasion, whether it’s a maternity photoshoot or baby shower.

Check out our pregnancy gowns for formal wear, baby showers, weddings, maternity photography, and pregnancy reveals that fit your lifestyle and budget. Rent a maternity dress or book a maternity photo session on our site.


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