10 Unique Ideas For A Maternity Photo Shoot

Unique Maternity Shoot

Pregnancy is a special moment in time for expectant mothers and family members alike. Maternity photo shoots are a great way to capture and commemorate the joyous season of expectancy. The perfect time for maternity sessions is typically between 28 and 35 weeks because you’ll get some gorgeous photos with your baby belly in the maternity pictures.

You can’t go wrong with a traditional baby bump shot, but there is so much opportunity for expectant mothers to get creative in maternity shoots during this special time. We’ve rounded up ten of our favorite pregnancy photoshoot ideas and tips:

1. Memories Make Meaningful Backdrops

First Date Photoshoot

Think back to the first time you and your partner met. Maybe you instantly had a gut feeling about them or have a funny first date story to tell. Whatever your story may be, this place probably has special meaning to you that you’ll want in your photos. Genuine emotion is key to an excellent maternity photo session.

2. Lighting & Location, Location, Location

Shortly after sunrise and before sunset, cameras capture beautiful golden hues cast by the rising or setting sun making what photographers call the golden hour. The soft, natural light at this time of day helps you show off your radiant pregnancy glow. The right location can enhance your pictures even more. Some of our favorite maternity photo ideas are nature images. Natural settings with greenery, water features, or rock formations make the perfect place for photographs and inspire ideas during your maternity photoshoot.

3. Slide into a Milk Bath

Milk Bath

Looking to take photos in the comfort of your own home? If you’ve been looking at recent pregnancy photo shoot ideas on social media, you may have seen the milk bath trend. Milk baths create a gentle, calming background for photos that accentuates bold accessories like flower crowns.

The best part of milk bath photography is that you can easily set up this photoshoot in your bathroom with just cornstarch, powdered milk mixture, and a bathtub. Photographers can position maternity clients just above the water’s surface with flowers placed around the body in the best photos.

4. Take a Classic Silhouette Shot

Baby Bump The classic silhouette shot features the nice round shape of the baby bump. The bump photo is taken from the side with your back straight, baby bump-out, and hands cradling the bump. Dimmed lighting and a grayish backdrop can call attention to the memorable outline of your growing belly.

5. Rent a Maternity Dress

Mama Bump RentalsYou deserve to have a beautiful dress for your maternity shoot, but let’s face it, you don’t want to break the bank for a dress you may wear a handful of times. So why not rent some radiance just for picture day?

Mama Bump Rentals offers a practical, maternity dress rental service with over a hundred styles of maternity gowns and dresses available for maternity photos. The process is simple: select your dress, schedule its arrival, and return.

6. Share Favorite Hobbies

Children bring an added sense of meaning and purpose to a person’s life, and your pregnancy photoshoot should capture this. You can showcase this in maternity photography by taking images with things that just make you smile. This can be anything from reading and writing to cooking or crafting.

7. Snap Some Growing Family Photos

Family PhotosIf this is not your first baby, get a few shots with the whole family! This is an exciting time in your partner’s and the baby’s older siblings‘ lives as well. So why not get a few family photos? Family photography can be fun and playful with smiles and laughs you’ll be glad you can look back on.

8. Display an Important Memento

BabyTime flies, and soon you’ll be reminiscing on the first pair of baby shoes you purchased, your positive pregnancy test, or the baby’s “coming home” outfit. Newborn photos with these items trigger fond memories and put the focus on something of significance as you and your partner hold hands in the background.

9. Ask for Plenty of Candids

Maternity PhotosThe best things can happen when you least expect it, and maternity photos are the same way. Candid photos are just as beautiful as the posed shots. Whether you’re lounging on a picnic blanket or laughing with a friend, candid pictures are a great way to document your pregnancy.

10. Use Seasonal Backdrops and Props

SeasonalHave a baby due in the fall? Consider a backdrop with fall leaves or pumpkins. Maybe you’re having a summer baby. Splash around in the water or lay on the soft green grass. Use beautiful colors and natural props in nature to enhance your pregnancy announcement photos.

Relax and Have Fun

The most important tip for taking cute photos is to relax and have some fun. Take your time while planning this special occasion, and you’re sure to fall in love with your maternity photos.

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