2021: Is It a Pandemic Baby Boom or Bust?

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a pandemic on March 11, 2020. Soon after, the world went into chaos. Former President Donald Trump declared a national emergency, travel bans were rampant, and more than 300 million were forced to shelter in place. With a strict stay-at-home order throughout most of the country, couples were spending more time together. While many joked that coronavirus would lead to a baby boom, experts are now saying 2020 triggered a baby bust.

It has been nearly a year since the pandemic began and COVID-19 is continuing to have lasting impacts. The birth rate in the U.S. has been gradually declining for years, with just 3.75 million babies born in 2019, the lowest number of U.S. births since 1985. According to a report published by the Brookings Institute, as many as 500,000 fewer babies are likely to be born in 2021. That is a whopping 13 percent drop from 2019.

This significant decline in the birth rate comes as no surprise to many researchers. Many blame the bust on persistent health conditions, an economic fallout, and the uncertainty regarding the safety of having a baby in a post-coronavirus world. Besides, moms and dads have been busier than ever, acting as both parents and educators due to the closure of schools across the country.

For some couples, the COVID-19 pandemic created a unique opportunity for togetherness and stability. With nearly every social activity eliminated month after month, many couples were able to reconnect and rekindle the flame. For this group of people, there was a small blip that indicated that babies were still being conceived even though the country experienced a massive slowdown in all other areas of life.

For those who did become pregnant during the pandemic, it’s not all bad news. In fact, there are actually some benefits of having what they call a ‘pandemic pregnancy.’ You’re home all day anyway so you can dress in your favorite sweats, morning sickness is easier when you’re not in the office, and those afternoon naps are oh-so sweeter.

With the six-foot rule in full-effect, parents also have had to find creative ways to share the news of their blessings. Many took to social media with good-natured birth announcements like “We didn’t social distance!” In-person meetings were replaced with Zoom video calls and families rejoiced through a screen.

Although the quarantine baby boom was more of a bust, many expecting moms are able to enjoy their pregnancy to the fullest. Pregnant women forced to isolate can still participate in many special pregnancy milestones, such as a maternity photoshoot. A maternity dress rental from Mama Bump Rentals makes it easy to achieve a luxury look for your photos without leaving home. A maternity photoshoot is also a great way to capture this once-in-a-lifetime moment despite everything going on in the world.