2022 Maternity Photoshoot Dress Trends

Pregnancy comes with many exciting milestones and each one should be celebrated. Before the end of your pregnancy, capture photos of your growing belly that you can look back on fondly. Most women schedule maternity photoshoots between 28 and 32 weeks. Of course, there is much more to a pregnancy photoshoot than simply showing up. You’ll also want to choose the perfect maternity dress to wear.

There are several things you’ll want to consider when choosing a maternity photoshoot dress. Opt for a dress that accentuates your bump and creates a figure-hugging silhouette. Pay attention to fit and style and choose a maternity dress that is not too constricting or uncomfortable. At Mama Bump Rentals, you’ll discover a wide selection of designer maternity dresses that will take your pregnancy photoshoot to the next level.

Check out our top choices for 2022 maternity photoshoot dress trends.

Velvet Maternity Dresses

1. The Velvet LOVE Flounce by EmbieBaby

velvet-flounce-maternity-dressPlanning your maternity photoshoot during the winter? EmbieBaby’s The Velvet LOVE Flounce gown is a stunning choice. Velvet maternity dresses like this one ooze elegance with their soft, luxurious fabrics that drape beautifully against the skin. This maternity photoshoot dress also features a lovely off the shoulder top.

2. Imogen by J&L Designs Boutique

imogen-velvet-maternity-gownImogen is another winter classic that would look gorgeous with a snowy backdrop. This long sleeve maternity dress is constructed of soft stretch velvet that hugs the body in all the right places. Its clean lines, stylish V-neck, and bishop sleeves that can be worn off or on the shoulders come together for an exquisite look that photographs well.

3. Willa Velvet by J&L Designs Boutique

willa-velvet-maternity-gownWhen it comes to velvet maternity dresses, few make a statement like J&L Design’s Willa Velvet gown. This lush maternity dress is made of soft stretch royal velvet with a stylish V-neck and mermaid flare bottom. Its long sleeves flare out to create cascading movement with every pose, making it the perfect selection for maternity photoshoots.

4. Papaver Winter by Mii Estilo

papaver-velvet-maternity-gownMaternity gowns can be found in a plethora of styles and colors but one thing is clear. A maternity photoshoot dress should properly wrap the belly to ensure that the size and roundness of your bump are accurately portrayed in the photos. Mii Estilo’s Papaver Winter is a gorgeous velvet gown that is form fitted to show off your feminine curves.

5. Amelie by J&L Designs Boutique

You’ll feel like you’re living in a fairytale while sporting this long-sleeve Amelie velvet maternity dress. This incredible find features a long velvet skirt that cascades down the body. You’ll also love the flattering V-neck and bishop sleeves for a relaxed look. When fully extended, the flowy skirt creates a full 57-inch circle.

Lace Maternity Dresses

1. Boho Lace Maternity Gown by Cora and Violet

boho-lace-maternity-gownLace maternity dresses are known to be classy and highly feminine, and this white lace maternity dress by Cora and Violet is no exception. With its sheer vintage lace fabric and delicate V-neckline, it’s no secret why lace maternity dresses are trending in 2022. This reclaimed antique lace dress is an excellent option for a springtime photoshoot.

2. Serena by J&L Designs Boutique

serena-lace-maternity-dressBe your most glamorous self on photoshoot day while sporting J&L Design’s Serena gown. The stretchy lace material is both comfortable and sexy, giving you the best of both worlds for your pregnancy photoshoot. Pay attention to the immaculate details of the dress, like the crisscrossing sweetheart necklace and mermaid flare bottom.

3. Lotus by Mii Estilo

lotus-lace-boho-maternity-dressSometimes less is more and this is certainly the case with the Lotus dress. This gorgeous gown features sheer lace that glides over the belly and opens at the bottom to show a bit of skin. Large bell sleeves add elegance to this light and airy gown, making it a perfect choice for spring or summer photoshoots.

4. Butterfly Bone by Reclamation

Lace maternity gowns add class and elegance to any photoshoot environment. Consider a bohemian maternity dress like Reclamation’s Butterfly Bone for photoshoots done in nature. This stunning down is constructed of vintage lace and features eye-catching waterfall sleeves.

5. Chara by J&L Designs Boutique

chara-blue-maternity-gownCombine vibrant color and lace and you’ll find the Chara gown by J&L Designs Boutique. This bold maternity dress with train is made of super soft stretch lace that gently hugs the body. The sleeves have a flowy boho style and the chiffon skirt flares out with a train for a dramatic look.

Jersey Maternity Dresses

1. Maybelle by J&L Designs Boutique

Jersey maternity dresses are known for their soft fabric that drapes well on nearly all silhouettes. The stunning Maybelle dress is made of soft stretch rayon jersey knit that effortlessly flatters curvy figures. This gown is especially beautiful due to its long, detached chiffon train that flows in the wind, making it ideal for maternity photoshoots.

2. Allium by Mii Estilo

allium-jersey-maternity-gownMaternity gowns like Mii Estilo’s Allium offer comfort and style in a gorgeous package. This luxurious jersey maxi style dress features a sweetheart neckline with an off the shoulder top. A long, flowy skirt falls around the body for a fairytale-esque look that will make you feel beautiful and confident in your photos.

3. Persephone by J&L Designs Boutique

persephone-jersey-maternity-gownFlaunt your baby bump in this eye-catching gown. Jersey maternity dresses like Persephone deliver a sleek and sophisticated design with their smooth and fitted bodice made of soft stretchy jersey material. Layers of cascading chiffon create a skirt that flutters as you walk.

4. Marigold by Mii Estilomarigold-fitted-maternity-gown

You’ve worked hard over the last several months to grow a beloved baby. Show off your accomplishment in a maternity dress that shows every beautiful curve. Marigold by Mii Estilo is a long-sleeve fitted dress made of a soft jersey material. The gorgeous maternity dress with train is perfect for photography, as well as any formal occasion.

5. Paisley by J&L Designs Boutique

If you’re looking for a maternity dress that will instantly capture the camera’s attention, look no further than Paisley by J&L Designs. This two-piece set includes a stretch knit jersey gown, as well as a split tail chiffon tossing train. The detached train adds drama to any photo whether it’s airborne or pooling around your feet.

Mermaid Maternity Dresses

1. Anis by Mii Estilo

anis-mermaid-maternity-dressSlip into this beautiful, fitted mermaid gown to accentuate your gorgeous bump. Anis by Mii Estilo is a long sleeve mermaid fit dress with a ruffled off the shoulder top and flared bottom. Consider this breathtaking dress for a fall or winter maternity photoshoot in 2022.

2. Quinn by J&L Designs Boutique

quinn-mauve-maternity-dressMermaid maternity dresses have been seen everywhere this year and it’s no secret why. Lovely gowns like Quinn by J&L Designs Boutique are a whimsical choice for maternity photoshoots. The Quinn gown has a solid bodice made with stretch lace and a matching chiffon skirt. The mermaid style bottom flares out into a full circle.

3. Ariella by Silk-Fairies

ariella-mermaid-maternity-dressSimple yet beautiful, Ariella by Silk-Fairies ticks off all the things you need in a maternity photoshoot dress, including a form fitted bodice, a soft fabric that is comfortable to wear, and a gorgeous mermaid style flare bottom that pulls the whole look together. This gown is perfect for both indoor and outdoor shoots.

4. Emerlie by Sew Trendy Accessories

emerlie-mermaid-maternity-dressFrom the beach to the forest and everywhere in between, Emerlie by Sew Trendy Accessories is a versatile maternity dress that will suit any backdrop. The slim fitted gown has a sweetheart neckline with long sleeves and an off the shoulder top. The mermaid style gown will have you embracing all your beautiful curves.

5. Balisier by Mii Estilo

balisier-mermaid-maternity-dressMermaid maternity dresses like Mii Estilo’s Balisier are another classic choice that will completely transform your maternity photoshoot. This mermaid style gown has off the shoulder fluttered sleeves and a sweetheart neckline. It can also be found in several vibrant colors.

Maternity Photoshoots

Maternity photoshoots offer an unforgettable opportunity to capture one of the most incredible stages in many women’s lives. When planning a maternity photoshoot, there are many things that you’ll want to consider.

One of the most important decisions you’ll need to make pertains to attire. What you wear in your maternity photos can completely alter their final look. Many expecting moms choose to wear designer maternity dresses that hug their feminine curves in all the right places, including their growing bump.

Documenting your amazing transformation with a maternity photo session is one of the best things you can do as an expecting mom. You’ll no doubt want to look back at these photos for many years to come so it’s important to choose the right photographer, backdrop, poses, and dress in advance.

Fortunately, you don’t have to scour the internet to find designer maternity gowns at a price you can afford. Mama Bump Rentals carries a large selection of maternity dresses to rent that are perfect for photoshoots. From maxi dresses and boho style gowns to dresses made of lace, velvet, or jersey fabrics, you’re sure to find something that is truly meant for you.

Look gorgeous and feel as confident as ever when you choose a trendy designer maternity dress from Mama Bump Rentals.


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