3 Tips for Determining Your Maternity Dress Rental Size

Renting a dress for an upcoming maternity photoshoot, baby shower, wedding, or formal event is a great way to sport designer wear on a budget. However, you’ll want to ensure that you select the right size to achieve the perfect fit. Maternity sizes are similar to regular clothing sizes but as your bump grows, you may have difficulty calculating your current size. Here are some simple tips to determine your maternity dress size.

Importance of Finding the Proper Fit

Determining maternity size can be a little tricky, as every woman’s body handles pregnancy differently. You may carry extra weight in your thighs, while your best friend carries extra weight on her face.

A maternity dress shouldn’t feel too snug, especially around the belly area. It also shouldn’t feel awkward or uncomfortable in certain areas, such as at the arms or bust. Despite frocks of decades past, maternity dresses should not be too loose or baggy. It’s important to select a maternity dress that is both form-fitting and comfortable.

How to Size Maternity Clothing

Sizing maternity clothing is often a straightforward process. Just choose the same size you wore before pregnancy when selecting pregnancy clothing. For example, if you wore a size medium before you were pregnant, you will likely fit into a maternity medium now. However, this rule of thumb is not always correct, especially for women who gain extra weight during pregnancy. Certain maternity dress brands may also run smaller or larger.

Here are a few tips to help you determine your maternity dress rental size:

1. Check the Sizing Chart

Most websites that sell maternity clothing also provide a sizing chart. Sizing charts can differ from brand to brand, but most have relatively the same measurements. Sizes are generally based on several key factors, including the measurement under the bust or ribcage and the measurement of the waist and hips. You may also want to consider the length of the gown, the strap length, and the sleeved gown length if applicable.

2. Look at the Fabric

The type of fabric that a maternity dress is made from can make a big difference in how it will fit. A maxi dress is usually constructed of a stretchy fabric compared to a lace maternity dress which is often more inelastic and delicate.

3. Consider the Style of Dress

The style of the maternity dress will also influence how it fits. Many elegant maternity dresses are flowy. A flowy maternity dress is usually looser around the belly, giving the expecting mom a little more wiggle room in sizing. Maternity dress styles like the popular empire waist have extra fabric in the skirt that flows over and accentuates the bump.

Maternity Dress Rental

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