5 Best Pregnancy Photoshoot Locations

Maternity photoshoots provide expecting moms with the unique opportunity to capture their growing bump. Whether you plan to shoot solo, as a couple, or even with the entire family, you can look forward to having these memories to look back on for the rest of your life.

When it comes to planning a pregnancy photoshoot, there are several important aspects to consider, such as when you’ll book the shoot, what props you’ll use (if any), and what you’ll wear. One of the biggest decisions you’ll need to make is where you’ll have your maternity photoshoot.

The right backdrop can elevate your pregnancy photos and harmonize with your maternity gown. Here are our top picks for best maternity photoshoot locations that you may want to consider for your upcoming session.

1. At the Beach

Belle 1There are few places more beautiful than the beach, making it one of our favorite maternity photoshoot location ideas. For many people, the beach vibe emits a tranquil feel that is cozy yet powerful. From sand and sun to water and rocks, the array of textures adds visual interest and warmth to maternity photos.

When it comes to beach photography, choosing the right time of day to shoot is key. Too much sun or shade can create harsh shadows that ruin the impact of the photo. You’ll also want to consider the color of the sky and how it will affect the glow of your skin and the tone of your dress.

Sunrise maternity shoots and sunset maternity shoots are equally beautiful. There is also less likely to be crowds in the early morning and evening hours compared to mid-day. With the beach to yourself, you’ll have the opportunity to try out different locations along the shoreline.

Consider bringing a few props to the shoot that you may want to include in a couple of photos. A sonogram picture, baby clothes, or even a “coming soon” sign can make a maternity photo more fun. When using props, be sure not to let these additions overshadow your portrait. The expecting mom should remain the primary focal point.

You’ll, of course, need the perfect dress for the occasion. Choose a maternity dress that reflects your serene surroundings. The Belle gown by J&L Designs Boutique is an obvious choice with its form-fitting bodice, off-the-shoulder sleeves, ballerina neckline, and long train that pools around your feet.

2. Nature Scenes

221A7654-copy-1Mother Nature delivers picture-perfect backdrops for expecting moms. Spring, summer, fall, or winter, you can find nature scenes that appear striking on camera. You don’t have to travel far to find what you’re looking for. A grassy field, tree-filled forest, floral garden, or untouched creek can make for a breathtaking photo.

When searching for scenic nature locations, you’ll want to find an environment that’s secluded, quiet, and off the beaten path. If you live in the city, head to a local park or community garden. Seasonal foliage can help accent your images and add instant pops of color.

Nature photo sessions offer plenty of opportunities for flattering poses. In addition to classic standing poses, become one with nature and lie in a field of flowers or splash around in a creek bed. Use the structures around you to create visual interest, such as leaning against a tree or sitting on a boulder.

Outdoor photography should appear natural and never awkward or uncomfortable. Ask your photographer to take a few candids of you having fun in your environment. Have your significant other and/or children jump in for a few shots to showcase your family bond and the excitement you feel for your new addition.

When it comes to choosing a maternity photoshoot dress, consider a gown with a train that will flow in the wind. Breanna by Sew Trendy Accessories includes a detachable tossing train, as well as other amazing features like long, off-the-shoulder sleeves and a sweetheart top. The split front also allows you to show off your precious bump.

3. At Home

Pink Blush Maternity Dress

Sometimes you don’t even need to leave home to have an incredible maternity photoshoot. If your schedule is hectic or you just don’t feel like leaving your house, there are plenty of shots you can get in the comfort of your own home or your backyard.

If you plan on shooting in the evening hours, a silhouette can reflect your changing body during this special milestone in your life. To achieve the perfect silhouette photo, your photographer will shoot against the source of light and set the exposure manually. A side picture of your bump allows you to capture the growth of your belly.

There are likely many places in your home that can act as a backdrop for your maternity photos. Consider taking photos in the baby’s nursery or your bedroom. You could even sit on a chair or a floor in front of a simple, white wall. If you prefer to shoot outdoors, stand in front of a tree, along a fence, or sit on a swing.

The benefit of having a pregnancy photoshoot at home is that you can take the photos yourself. Use a remote control or self-timer with a tripod to capture the images with ease. DIY maternity photography allows you to take as much time as you need and experiment with a variety of locations in and around your home.

You can make your at-home maternity photo session more special by renting a maternity dress for the occasion. The Lace Overlay Maxi by Pink Blush is a lovely option with its V-neck lace mesh material, short bell sleeves, and doubled-lined top for extra coverage.

4. In the Studio

J&L Designs BillieA photography studio provides a controlled environment that can be altered to fit the expecting mom’s vision. Studios are suitable for year-round sessions, regardless of rain, snow, or other weather conditions. They also allow for custom lighting setups to ensure that you look stunning in your photos.

Studio sessions are an excellent option for those in search of a high-end, intimate feel. Most expecting moms will feel more comfortable showing a little skin when in a private studio. You can also avoid the stresses of uncomfortable outdoor temperatures, having to find a restroom, and not having convenient changing rooms nearby.

Shooting in a studio also gives photographers more control over compositions. The right composition is critical in maternity photography as it guides the viewer’s eyes toward the focus elements – the mom and her bump. Changing compositions from up high to straight on and then to the side and silhouette can alter the entire mood of the photos.

You’ll definitely want to choose a studio if you plan on making several outfit changes during your photoshoot. Maybe you want to start with something simple and sweet, like Charlotte by J&L Designs Boutique. This maternity gown features a sweetheart silhouette that hugs in all the right places.

You may then want to switch to something even more glamorous, like Billie from J&L Designs Boutique. This sheer lace dress with boho flutter sleeves gives an instant “wow” factor. The vintage lace drapes beautifully and smoothly cascades over the bump before pooling around the feet.

5. Cityscapes

Rental Dress for Photoshoot

Rental Dress for Photoshoot

While untouched nature is stunning, there is also beauty in manmade structures. If you live in the city, you may want to incorporate your love for city life into your maternity photos. You’ll find awe-inspiring backdrops in cities across the world, from towering buildings to intricate bridges.

There is no shortage of cityscapes to choose from regardless of where you live. Pose in front of a centuries-old church with its stained-glass windows and decorative columns. Or find a building with a painted mural and stand in front of it. Take photos in your favorite places in your city, like a pier overlooking the water or a colorful greenhouse.

When shooting cityscapes, the best light comes at golden hour and blue hour. This is just before sunset (the golden hour) and just after sunset (the blue hour). By choosing to have your session at one of these times, you can benefit from a soft light that brings out the details of the subject.

Your photographer may use a variety of effects when shooting in the city. For example, creating a long exposure with a slow shutter speed can help capture the light trails from passing cars, creating a whimsical effect. To make traffic lights and streetlights glow around the edges, a photographer can use a high f-stop number for a starburst effect.

Of course, you’ll be the main attraction regardless of what city location you choose. One way to make yourself stand out is by choosing the right dress. Falyn by J&L Designs Boutique is an iconic choice. This graceful, floor-length gown features delicate chiffon, smooth silk, and a full-length skirt that creates the illusion of a sleeker silhouette.

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