5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Dress for Your Photo Shoot

A maternity photo shoot offers a wonderful way to capture this special time in your life. The key to having gorgeous photos is hiring a skilled photographer and finding the ideal dress to wear. If you’re going to rent a maternity dress for your photo shoot, keep the following tips in mind for choosing the right look.

1.  Go With a Solid Color

While some maternity dresses have pretty patterns on them, it’s usually better to avoid wearing one of these for your photo shoot. Look for a maternity dress in a solid color instead, since these tend to be more flattering in maternity photos. If you do want to go with a patterned dress, look for one with a subtle pattern rather than a bold one.

2.  Think About Time and Place

The time of year and the location of your maternity photo shoot are other factors to think about when choosing a dress. For example, pastel colors work well in spring, while pale blue or white is a great option for winter photo shoots. You can go with a brighter color for a summer photo shoot or choose a deeper tone for a fall photo shoot. Make sure you also choose a dress color that goes well with your location, such as earthy tones for a wooded photo shoot or softer colors for an indoor photo shoot or more vivid colors for a photo shoot in a garden or field.

3.  Add Texture

Textured fabrics can add visual appeal that enhances your maternity photos. Consider renting a dress that has touches of lace or embroidery on it or a dress made entirely out of a textured fabric for a more dramatic effect. If you rent a dress in a smooth material, you can add a touch of texture with a matching scarf or other accessories.

4.  Select Your Style

The style of dress you choose can have a big impact on the way your photos turn out, but it also depends on your personal comfort and preferences. You can choose a loose-fitting, flowing dress for a soft, whimsical look. Just keep in mind that this style of dress might not show off your bump as much. You can go with a more fitted dress, such as a mermaid-style dress to accentuate your bump more.

5.  Choose the Right Length

Maternity dresses for rent tend to be longer in length, but these aren’t your only options. If you prefer a shorter dress, such as for a beach photo shoot or a summer photo shoot, you can find these options available. The right length for your maternity dress will depend on your personal preferences and what you’re comfortable wearing for your photo shoot.


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