7 Best Dresses & Locations for a Winter Maternity Photoshoot

It may be a winter wonderland outside but don’t let that stop you from planning an amazing maternity photoshoot. Even if you don’t live in a cold climate, you can still pull off a festive session with the right maternity photoshoot dress and backdrop. Mama Bump Rentals has you covered with their selection of designer maternity dresses available in a myriad of colors, styles, and sizes.

Here we’ll show you our top picks for maternity dress rentals, as well as some fun backdrop ideas for your upcoming winter photoshoot.

1. Whimsical Fairytale

J&L Designs Moxie

Winter is the perfect season to bring your real-life fairytale to life. Choose a wooded area to shoot your maternity photos, ideally with snow-covered trees. Rent a fairytale-esque dress that is flowy and princess-like, such as Moxie by J&L Designs Boutique. Allow the dress to trail behind you as you pose cradling your bump. Ask your significant other to pose with you in formal “prince” attire, such as dress pants and a waistcoat.

2. Frozen Lake

Kathryn Velvet

If you live in an area where the temperature drops below freezing, head to a local lake for your maternity photoshoot. Stand by the lakeside in a dark-colored dress that will create a stunning contrast against the white winter backdrop. Consider Winter Velvet Kathryn by J&L Designs Boutique. This velvet maternity gown features a form-fitting bodice, V-neckline, and demure long-sleeves. The chiffon train is sure to take flight on a breezy day, resulting in magical winter photos.

3. Snow Covered Bridge

Mii Estilo Linnea Winter

A charming footbridge covered in freshly fallen snow is a lovely location for a maternity photoshoot. Stand mid-bridge with your partner, his arms wrapped around your waist and his hands holding your bump. An off the shoulder maternity dress like Linnea Winter by Mii Estilo is sure to bring your photos to the next level. This gorgeous gown has long sleeves, a sweetheart top, and is made from luxe velvet.

4. Park Adventure

Rental Gown for Maternity

Many expecting moms enjoy including their partner and children in their maternity photos. Take a trip to a scenic park with your little ones in tow. Ask the photographer to snap some in-motion photos of your family spending time together. Dance in the snow, pull your child on a sled, or walk the trail. You’ll look beautiful with your family while dressed in one of Mama Bump Rental’s chiffon gowns. Anastasia by Silk-Fairies is a long sleeve maternity dress with gorgeous ruffles and a flowy, full-circle bottom.

5. Home Sweet Home

Fall Fashion Trends

You don’t have to venture miles away from home to get some incredible shots. You may be able to find the perfect backdrop in your own backyard. With the snow falling around you, have the photographer snap photos in front of a rustic fence, snow-topped tree, or brick house. The right dress can make all the difference when planning upscale maternity photos. Astilbe by Mii Estilo is a stunning choice with its form-fitted bodice and sweetheart neckline. This long formal maternity gown flares out in a mermaid style at the knee and features an off the shoulder design.

6. Christmas in the City

Mii Estilo Spirea

Many towns and cities across the U.S. decorate the streets for the holidays. Find a location that has been adorned with sparkling lights, decorations, and greenery. Schedule the session for a time of day when traffic is minimal to avoid disruptions. Finally, choose the perfect dress that will make you stand out in a crowd. Spirea by Mii Estilo is an obvious choice. Available in a festive red hue, this gorgeous lace dress drapes your curves in all the right places and features off the shoulder long sleeves.

7. Lights Festival

Everly Cape for Rent

Attending holiday lights festivals is a common tradition in the U.S. These lights also make for a magical backdrop for maternity photos. A talented photographer will have the skills needed to capture your glow while surrounded by sparkling holiday lights. Keep warm and look stylish while sporting the Everly Cape Rental from the Mama Bump Closet during your photoshoot. This full-length cape measures 66+ inches from shoulder to hem and features a lush hood.

Shop a Winter Gown from Mama Bump Rentals

Whether you’re in search of a boho maternity dress, long sleeve formal gown, or anything in between, you’ll no doubt find the perfect winter ensemble at Mama Bump Rentals. We offer a large selection of maternity dresses for special occasions from some of the biggest designers in the industry. No winter-themed photoshoot is complete without the right dress.

Mii Estilo Spirea