Cottagecore Dress for a Whimsical Maternity Photoshoot

What is Cottagecore fashion?

Cottagecore Dress

So what exactly is cottagecore? Cottagecore inspires an aspirational nostalgia for a cozy countryside, back-to-basics kind of life. Picture country cottages, old buildings, wooded areas, open fields, tall grass, nature trails, beautiful gardens, freshly baked bread, fresh and dried flowers, and even Taylor Swift’s folklore album.

The cottagecore lifestyle embraces a simple existence: finding refuge in the soft peacefulness of nature and detoxing from technology. This aesthetic movement gained traction on social media in response to the stillness and solitude that COVID-19 brought our lives. Many people found time to enjoy the simple things in life like baking, gardening, craft projects, etc. and discovered new interests for the first time.

Key Components

Cottagecore Dress

Key aesthetic components of cottagecore style are natural elements and neutral, warm-toned color palettes that give off a very romantic, nostalgic feel. Decorative cottage elements like houseplants, handmade goods, flowers, homemade baked goods, and white lace dresses also contribute to the visual.

If you’re new to the cottagecore fashion trend, have no fear — we’ve got several designer maternity dresses that reflect the cottagecore movement and that would be perfect for a maternity photo shoot, baby shower, or other special occasion. With pregnancy photos especially, you will have a unique and beautiful style with the cottagecore aesthetic.

Rent a Cottagecore Dress

Butterfly Bone

Cottagecore Dress

Butterfly bone romances with all-over sheer vintage lace and flowing waterfall sleeves. This maternity photoshoot dress would pair well with other warm, neutral tones to capture swoon-worthy, homey maternity pics. We love how versatile this dress can be, maternity wedding dress or whimsical cottagecore dress, the choice is yours.


Boho Maternity Dress

The Magnolia perfectly encapsulates the light, whimsical aura of cottagecore. This cottagecore dress makes us want to dance and frolic without a care in the world. Natural elements like the dandelions in this maternity session tie the look together perfectly. We recommend this linen dress for a maternity photoshoot during the warmer months.

Floral Lace

With a plunging neckline, this maternity photoshoot dress puts a little bit of a modern twist on cottagecore fashion. The skirt is made of sheer vintage lace with a relaxed fit and intricate floral patterns carefully handwoven throughout. This cottagecore dress would look stunning in a beautiful place, like a field maternity shoot.

Magic Maker

Soft tones and feminine details give this flowy dress a romantic cottagecore dress feel. Lace can gives this aesthetic dress a traditional or free-spirited look. We like to think this dress does a little bit of both. Magic Maker has long sleeves and works well for instagrammable places like a woodsy maternity photoshoot.

Verbena Bodysuit

Floral print is a big part of the cottagecore trend. Our Mii Estillo maternity bodysuit would pair well with a neutral tiered skirt to complete the cottagecore look. A cottage or bungalow could be a great maternity photoshoot location to channel some prairie-like vibes. It might be the hidden gem you’re looking for to highlight your cottagecore aesthetic in your photo sessions.

I Believe in Unicorns

This maternity gown is similar to a prairie dress with its high neckline and plaited trim. We love the range of style possibilities with this long dress. Hair and makeup can make or break your look, and we love the slight fairy tale feel of these maternity pictures.

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Overall, whether you are doing a photoshoot with professional photographers or attending a wedding, baby shower, or other special occasion, a cottagecore maternity dress will elevate your look.