How to Stage Your Maternity Photoshoot at Home

Maternity photos are the perfect way to commemorate a pregnancy and celebrate the birth of a new baby. While the pandemic has made it unsafe to venture to public locations, it is possible to snap professional-grade maternity photos at home. It all comes down to the right backdrop, lighting, and use of props. Capture this beautiful milestone in your life with a maternity photoshoot that you staged in your home or yard.


One of the most challenging aspects of taking maternity photos at home is finding the right background. If possible, conduct your maternity photoshoot outdoors to take advantage of natural lighting. Photographers are able to achieve a beautiful “glow” on their subject by taking photos at sunrise or sunset. During these times, the sun is low on the horizon and the light is an awe-inspiring blend of reds, yellows, and oranges.  Trees, a garden, a fence, or even an open field can act as a lovely backdrop for a photoshoot.

If you choose to stage your maternity photoshoot indoors, choose a space that receives natural sunlight. Make sure that there is not too much clutter or distractions in the background that could draw the eye away from the focal point. An empty bright wall or a light-colored sheet will usually suffice. It is not always possible to avoid shadows when shooting indoors so instead of struggling to hide them, embrace them. Shadows can add depth and mood to your images.


The right lighting can transform a photo. However, achieving the perfect lighting can be a little tricky. Avoid standing directly in front of a window during the day as the light can be too harsh. Daylight curtains can help create a softer and more diffused look. Turn towards the light so that your face, body, and bump are properly exposed. To create a darker silhouette, choose a time when you have the most amount of light coming through the window which will cause the subject to appear underexposed in comparison.

Maternity Dress

A beautiful maternity dress can take your maternity photoshoot to the next level. Opt for a dress that flows nicely over your body and accentuates your bump. Not all pregnant bodies are created equal so choose a dress that suits your body type and style tastes. As buying a maternity dress can be costly, you can avoid this major expense by renting a dress instead. Mama Bump Rentals offers fashionable maternity gowns from top designers. There is a maternity dress rental that fits every budget and style preference.

Poses & Props

As a general rule of thumb, the camera should be set up at eye level or just above the eye level of the subject. However, don’t be afraid to try new angles to achieve a unique point-of-view. For example, you may want to have the camera pointing down at the mom-to-be to show the belly from a new angle. Families may also want to take photos together on a sofa or bed. Remember that photos do not have to have the subjects looking directly at the camera. Instead, mom could be reading a book to a child or looking down at her bump.

You don’t need fancy equipment or professional editing software to get amazing photos. Be creative with different camera angles, lighting, and backgrounds to see what works best in your home.