Top Baby Shower Save The Date Ideas

Baby showers provide new parents with the opportunity to celebrate the expected birth of a child and obtain some of the supplies they’ll need once baby arrives. Most baby showers are held approximately four to six weeks before the baby’s due date and baby shower invites should be sent about four to six weeks before the date of the event to give guests plenty of time to RSVP.

A baby shower “save the date” is essentially a card that asks each guest to reserve the date of the event in their calendar. Similar to a wedding invitation, these cards provide information about when and where the baby shower will be held, how the recipient can RSVP, and other important information. The baby shower invitation may also include the baby’s name, due date, and a picture of the expecting couple or a sonogram image.

If you’re preparing for a shower, you’ll want to consider what type of invitation to send, the wording, and the baby shower theme. Here are some baby shower save the date ideas to inspire your invitations.

Types of Save-the-Date Invitations

save-the-date-pink-invitationWhen it comes to save-the-date invitations, new parents have more options than ever before. From physical invites sent via snail mail to digital versions delivered over the web, the type of save the date card you choose will depend on a variety of factors, such as your budget and preferences. Here’s a look at some popular types of save the date baby shower invitations:

  • Paper Invitations – A paper baby shower invitation is a classic choice for new parents who wish to stay traditional. Paper invites can be stylish, affordable, and provide more privacy compared to sending invitations over Facebook or other social media. It is also easier to establish who is invited with a paper invite, such as a single person, an entire family, or an option to add a plus-one.
  • Save the Date Magnets – Save the date magnets are a fun variation of the classic baby shower invitation. As the name suggests, a save the date magnet is a custom magnet that your guests can place on their refrigerator and have as a keepsake for years. Not only are save-the-date magnets a cute idea, but they are also practical. Each time a person on your guest list opens their fridge, they are reminded of the upcoming event.
  • Boarding Pass Invitations – Boarding pass invitations have become a popular trend. Whether the theme of the baby shower relates to travel or you simply like the look of these invites, they are a unique option that really stands out. A boarding pass invitation looks like a passenger ticket and includes important information about the event. You can even include a QR code that family members and other guests can scan with their phones that directs them to a baby registry website.
  • Email Invitations – Email invitations have become increasingly popular over the last decade as more people rely on technology to complete simple tasks. Digital e-vites are easier to send, low cost, and eco-friendly. Of course, there are some downsides. It may not be easy to acquire each guest’s email address and some guests may not use email or may accidentally “delete” your email altogether.

Baby Shower Save-the-Date Wording

baby-shower-invitation-for-mom-to-beOnce you have chosen a save-the-date invitation type and design, you’ll need to focus on the wording. Ensure that the language you use is clear and indicates that the event is a baby shower, who the shower is for (name of the father and mother-to-be), the date of the shower, the start and end times, and the address of where the event will be held.

Optionally, you can tell guests how they can pass along potential dietary requirements they may have. If you are only inviting close family, this may not be necessary. Also, include details about the gift registry, gift suggestions if there is no registry, and RSVP contact information.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the event, your save-the-date wording may include other details, such as the baby shower theme, name and gender of the baby, dress code, anything special guests should bring, and whether or not the recipient’s significant other and children are invited.

Here are some fun baby shower save the date options to consider for your upcoming event:

  • “It’s almost time to welcome a new addition to the family! Join us as we celebrate the wonderful news!”
  • “Let’s make a date to celebrate (mom) and her beautiful new daughter/son.”
  • “We’re about to welcome a daughter/son to the world! Join us for a celebration on (date).”
  • “Oh boy, oh boy! Please join us for a baby shower honoring (mom).”
  • “A special delivery is on the way! Join us for a baby shower in honor of (mom) at (location).”

Unique Baby Shower Invitation Design Ideas

baby-shower-invitation-for-girlWhether you prefer a more traditional baby shower design or want a modern twist, there are plenty of fun and unique options to choose from. Consider designing an invitation with a silhouette cut-out of an expecting mother. These silhouettes can be made from sturdy cardstock using your Cricut machine at home. Handmade die-cut embellishments can also be ordered pre-made from Etsy, such as these Handmade Die Cut Diapers.

You can also use items associated with babies and turn them into invites. For example, you could write a message on a rattle, baby shoe, or bib. If you’re a first-time mom or dad, you might want to make the invitation even more special by giving your guests a small gift. A baby block made of durable cardstock can include the details of the event on the outside and a small gift on the inside, such as a candle, hand cream, bag of cookies, fun soap, or candies.

If you prefer the look of paper invites, consider taking the next step to make your invitation more unique. The details of the event can be printed on cardstock in a variety of shapes, such as baby onesies, baby bottles, pacifiers, or other baby-related items. Consider adding small embellishments to the invitation, such as ribbons and buttons. This Baby Girl Shower Invitation on Etsy is a great example.

Maternity Dresses for Your Baby Shower

Once the invites have been designed and sent out, you’ll want to start thinking about what to wear to your baby shower. After many months of pregnancy, you deserve a designer gown that makes you feel beautiful and confident. At Mama Bump Rentals, you’ll find an impressive selection of dresses to choose from, ranging from casual maxi dresses to floor-length formal gowns.

If you adore the boho look, consider Two Sundays by Fillyboo. This off-the-shoulder maxi gown is hand embroidered and features gorgeous crochet detailing. The Lace Overlay Maxi by Pink Blush is a practical option for baby showers. The lovely V-neck dress has bell sleeves and a hook zipper to make taking it on and off a breeze. It is also double lined for extra coverage.

Your baby shower is the perfect opportunity to display your growing bump to friends and family. Courtney by Sew Trendy Accessories is a slim form-fitting sweetheart tank style dress that will complement all your curves. If you’re looking for something even more elegant, look no further than Anis by Mii Estilo. This stunning long-sleeve ruffled gown has off-the-shoulder detailing and a mermaid-style skirt.

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Lace is considered a feminine choice for baby shower attire and when paired with a chiffon skirt, can effortlessly flow over your bust and bump. Aspen by J&L Designs Boutique features a sheer embroidered lace bodice with just the right amount of stretch for maximum comfort. The dress has a sheer chiffon skirt, long sleeves with scallop edging, and a high scoop neckline.

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Want even more ideas of what to wear to your upcoming baby shower? Select your favorite style from our collection of designer maternity dresses at Mama Bump Rentals. We make it simple to secure the perfect gown. Just pick your preferred design, choose the appropriate size and fit, and schedule to have your dress delivered to your home before the big event. After your baby shower, simply return it using the enclosed prepaid label. No washing or dry cleaning is necessary. It’s that easy!