10 Fun Props for Your Maternity Photoshoot

From tiny booties to floral bouquets, the right props can add visual interest to any photo. Express your creativity at your upcoming maternity photoshoot by adding in these fun props.

1. Letterboard

Write a sweet note on a letterboard and hold it above your bump. Something as simple as “It’s a Girl!” or your due date can add personalization to your photoshoot.

2. Blocks

Similar to a letterboard, colorful baby blocks can add a cute touch to any maternity photoshoot. Spell out your baby’s name with the blocks and set them up across your growing bump.

3. Ultrasound

Sonogram pictures have been used in maternity photography for decades and for good reason. These special photos of your baby in the womb are one of your most cherished pregnancy mementos and should be captured in your photoshoot.

4. Tiny Shoes

There’s nothing cuter than a tiny pair of baby shoes to really complete a maternity photoshoot. This could be your baby’s first pair of booties or a vintage pair you picked up at a thrift store – it doesn’t matter. A little pair of baby shoes is sure to make your photos a little bit sweeter.

5. Books

If you’re a first-time mom, you’ve probably been reading up on all things baby. Show your passion for motherhood in your maternity photoshoot by reading a “how to care for baby” type book. You could also “practice” reading children’s books to your bump in your photos.

6. Balloons

Consider combining your gender reveal party and maternity photoshoot to get amazing photos of both special occasions. Of course, you’ll need balloons. Make it an extra special occasion by filling the balloon with pink or blue glitter and popping it on camera to reveal the baby’s gender.

7. Teddy Bear

Your child’s first stuffed animal is extra special. Showcase your baby’s first stuffed friend in your maternity photoshoot. You can choose to snuggle the bear or have it in the background. You and your partner may also each grab one hand, making the bear the focal point.

8. Wedding Rings

Show off your bling in your maternity photoshoot. Have your partner wrap his arms around your waist, resting them on your belly to create a heart shape with his hands. Place your hands on top of his, allowing your wedding bands to show.

9. Pregnancy Test

A pregnancy test can be a very personal prop for a maternity photoshoot. This prop represents the first time that you found out that you were with child and the amazing feelings that followed that moment.

10. Pets

While not exactly a “prop,” a pet can be an excellent addition to a maternity photoshoot. Remember that your four-legged companion was your first “baby” and will always have a special place in your heart.

Dressing for a Maternity Photoshoot

Props are just one component of a maternity photoshoot. You’ll also need to find the perfect attire to take your photos to the next level. Add beauty and elegance to your maternity photoshoot with a designer maternity dress rental from Mama Bump Rentals.