5 Maternity Photoshoot Trends We Love

New maternity photoshoot trends are always popping up and this coming year, you can expect to see even more fun ideas. These trends are the perfect way to celebrate the birth of a child and capture the beauty of pregnancy. Check out these maternity photoshoot trends for 2021 and try some of these ideas at your own photoshoot.

1. Sunset Silhouette

Traditional silhouette photography has been around for decades, but this fresh take on the silhouette is beyond breathtaking. The basic strategy of the classic silhouette photo is to place the subject in front of a light source (sideways to showcase the belly) and force the camera to capture the brightest part of the picture. This causes the subject to appear underexposed, or nearly black. The trick to creating the perfect sunset silhouette is to snap the photo as soon as the sun begins to peak over the horizon to create a glow around the subject.

2. Sheer, Lace Gowns

Sheer, lace gowns that show off your bump and the curves of your body are incredibly feminine and can create an ethereal picture, especially if backlit by the sun or lighting in studio. Photographers can work with the draping of the fabric to make sure your bump becomes the focal point while celebrating your curves during this momentous time.

3. Wilderness Glam

Maternity photoshoots in the outdoors have been extremely popular in the past several years, but this trend takes it to a new extreme. The more wild the backdrop, the better. A sophisticated, modern gown with clean lines juxtaposed against a wild, organic backdrop makes for an unforgettable image. Whether surrounded by towering trees in a forest, rocky outcrops or desert sands, you and your bump take center stage in nature. It also offers the chance to celebrate the season of your birth, deep in nature.

4. Flower Crowns

Flower crowns are expected to stay on-trend for the near future. Not only is this gorgeous floral accessory inexpensive, but it makes any mom-to-be feel like a boho goddess. Choose an outdoor site to shoot the photos, particularly an area that showcases natural beauty, such as a sandy beach, dense forest, or grassy field. Match the flowers in your crown with a mermaid-styled gown that cradles the belly and flares out dramatically at the bottom.

5. Fabric Sculpting

For moms to be who’d prefer an indoor photoshoot, this trend uses a little studio magic to create beautiful, flowing sculptures with the fabric around the bump. Photographers can work wonders with a fan and silk sheers to drape a masterpiece and channel your inner goddess.


Planning a Photoshoot

When planning a maternity photoshoot, there are two main components you will need to consider – the photographer and the dress. Mama Bump Rentals can help with both. Use our photographer search tool to find a maternity photographer in your area. Then begin your search for the perfect maternity dress rental for your photoshoot. We have dozens of custom styles and colors, created by some of the top designers in the industry.

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