2021 Spring Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

In celebration of spring, we’d like to share some of our favorite maternity photoshoot ideas. Get inspired by nature and capture some of Mother Nature’s most beautiful wonders as the backdrop of your photos.

1. Join Forces with the Wind


Some see a windy day as an enemy of outdoor photography. However, a warm breeze can actually take your spring maternity photos to the next level. Consider wearing a flowy maternity dress with a long train to your maternity photo shoot, such as Breanna by Sew Trendy Accessories. This gorgeous maternity gown rental features a sweetheart top, split front, and long train that can lead to the perfect shot when caught in the wind.

2. Bask in the Golden Light


When it comes to maternity photography, it’s all about timing. If you’re aiming for a magical feel, schedule your photoshoot for golden hour. Golden hour refers to the first hour after sunrise and the final hour of light before the sun sets. During this short window, the setting sun produces a warm natural light that brings beautiful color to the skin and creates an exceptional ambiance.

3. Dig Your Toes in the Sand


There are few places more alluring than a sandy beach. With the sparkling water as your backdrop, lie down on a blanket in the sand. Have the photographer get low to the ground while shooting to capture a unique perspective. Turn your face towards the camera so that it is in the foreground as you lay your hands gently on your bump. Dig your toes into the sand and allow the sun to bring warmth to your skin. Wear a flowy skirt to your shoot, such as the Delphine Skirt by J&L Designs Boutique. Spread out the double-layered chiffon skirt around you for a feminine touch.

4. Feel Small Among the Mountains


Sometimes we forget just how magnificent nature really is and how small we are in comparison to the world’s majestic landscapes. A mountain backdrop is a powerful way to depict how we are a tiny part of something so wonderful. Even if you don’t have mountains in your area, you may find rock formations that offer just as much beauty in a smaller package.

5. Stand Tall with the Trees


A forest backdrop emits an old-world elegance that translates effortlessly into film. Find a clearing in the woods to snap some photos with tall trees in the background to add color and dimension. The right maternity dress rental will bring your whole photoshoot together. Consider something vintage and classic, like Magic Maker with Waterfall Sleeves by Reclamation that offers a V-neck and lace detailing.

Rent Elegant Maternity Dresses

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