5 Best Winter Locations for a Maternity Photoshoot

Don’t let a few snow flurries get in the way of your maternity photo session. Embrace the winter wonderland as a magical backdrop. There are locations, both indoors and out, that are perfect for expecting moms who want to celebrate their winter pregnancy with a maternity photo shoot.

Need help choosing the best location for your upcoming winter maternity session? Here are some noteworthy maternity photoshoot ideas.

1. Frozen Lake


Photos taken at the lake during spring, summer, and fall are captivating in their own right, but a frozen lake is a mesmerizing location for a maternity shoot. Consider a morning photoshoot set in front of a frozen shoreline for an outdoor session. If possible, schedule your photoshoot for early winter to achieve the mystical foggy background that occurs when cold air drifts across relatively warm water.

2. Snowy Trees


Snow can make even the most ordinary of things appear much more mesmerizing. The model will simply glow in comparison with the crisp, white background of snow-capped trees. Frosty trees can also be a neutral backdrop for family photos. Have your partner and children partake in the photoshoot to capture these precious memories on film.

3. Cozy Window


You don’t even need to leave the warmth of your home to procure spectacular maternity photos. Capture the moment through a indoor maternity photo of the mom-to-be sitting near a window, viewing the winter landscape outside. Consider pulling a bench, sofa, or bed up to the window to get the perfect shot.

4. Tree Farm


Does your family have a favorite holiday tradition, such as going to a tree farm? Bring along a photographer to snap photos of your time together. Rows of pines, spruces, and firs create a stunning background, and the smiles on your family’s face will attest to the joy of the season.

5. Crackling Fire


Take your pregnancy photo shoot to the next level by incorporating other winter elements, such as a cozy fireplace. Set the scene with a mug of hot chocolate, fuzzy socks, and a faux fur rug. Play with the camera angles to capture the moment. For example, the photographer may stand behind the model who is looking down at her belly as she warms her toes by the fire.

What to Wear for a Winter Maternity Shoot


Dressing for a winter maternity photography session can be tricky. You don’t want to have too many layers as this will hide your baby bump, but not enough and you’ll freeze. If you’re planning an outdoor shoot for your winter maternity photos, consider wearing a fur shawl or wrap around shoulders to stay warm. A formal cloak with hood can also help set the mood while providing warmth. Indoors, a long-sleeve gown can help you achieve the perfect look.

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