6 Styling Tips for a Maternity Photo Shoot

While your due date might seem a long way off still, it’ll be here before you know it. Having a maternity photo shoot gives you a great keepsake to remember this time in your life. If you’re thinking about setting up one of these photo shoots, you might be unsure about what to wear or how to do your hair and makeup. Keep these tips on styling for a maternity photo shoot in mind, and you’ll end up with beautiful photos.

  1. Let Your Hair Down

While you might be tempted to glam it up for your maternity photo shoot, consider leaving your hair down instead. Pregnancy typically makes your hair thicker and fuller than usual. Rather than hiding it by wearing an updo, leave it completely loose or pull some of it back if you’re worried about keeping it out of your face during your photo shoot.

  1. Go Light on Makeup

Makeup can enhance your appearance in your maternity photo shoot, but don’t overdo it. Wear a light amount of makeup, and make sure you put it on in natural light for the best results. Choose matte foundation rather than a foundation that might give your skin a shiny appearance in photos.

  1. Pick a Flattering Dress

When it comes to what you wear, choose a dress with a flattering fit that shows off your bump. Whether you prefer a long, flowing gown or a shorter and more fitted dress, choose one in a soft or stunning color that can enhance your photos. We offer a vast collection of designer maternity dress rentals and can help you find the perfect one for your shoot!

  1. Choose the Right Shoes

The right shoes can have a great impact on your photos. Depending on the season and setting, you might want to go with a dressy pair of boots for colder weather or a wooded setting. For a warmer weather photo shoot or one that’s in a field or on the beach, wear a dressy pair of sandals. For an elegant indoor setting, wear a pair of stylish dress shoes.

  1. Find the Best Photographer

The photographer you choose makes a big difference in how your photos turn out. Finding the best maternity photo shoot photographer involves choosing one with the right skills and experience. Browse through a list of our preferred photographers to find the right ones in your area.

  1. Choose Your Location

The ideal location can add tons of visual appeal to your maternity photos. Consider choosing an outdoor location that provides a scenic background for your photos, such as a wooded area or a local field full of flowers. You might also want to think about choosing a location with special meaning to you, such as a family garden.

If you’re planning your maternity photo shoot, please visit Mama Bump Rentals. We feature a huge selection of high-quality, stylish maternity dresses available for rent, as well as a list of preferred photographers to choose from in your area.

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