7 Great Halloween Costume Ideas for Mom and Baby

Spooky season is upon us once again and with a new baby in tow, you’re likely excited about all the fun costume opportunities! Matching mom and baby costumes can be found pre-packaged or put together using items found at home or online. Whether you prefer scary, funny, cute, or whimsical, you and your little mini-me are sure to be the envy of any Halloween bash.

Check out our favorite Halloween costume ideas for mom and baby.

1. Ringmaster and Lion Cub

Recreate a popular circus spectacle by dressing as a master of ceremonies. Ringmaster costumes typically consist of a bright tailcoat, often with gold and red trim, along with a waistcoat and black top hat. Of course, you’ll need something to tame in the ring. Dress baby as an adorable lion cub, complete with soft, fluffy mane.

2. Bob Ross and a Painting

If 2021 has taught us anything, it’s that Bob Ross remains a painting legend. Show off your artistic side this Halloween by dressing up as no other than Bob Ross himself. Use non-toxic paints to create a masterpiece on your baby’s outfit to resemble an easel

3. Mummy and Me Costume

Not only is this costume a fun play on words, it’s also super adorable. Dress up as a family of mummies. Adhere gauze to a pair of white footed pajamas and you have the cutest little mummy you’ve ever seen

4. Farmer and Chicken

If you’re more of a country girl, consider dressing as a farmer this Halloween. You’ll just need a pair of denim overalls, flannel shirt, and a straw hat. Like every good farmer, you’ll need a chicken friend to accompany you. Dress your baby as a little fuzzy chicken with orange striped tights and a hat with a red “comb.”

5. Lifeguard and Baby Shark

You probably already have the baby shark song permanently on repeat in your brain, so why not bring the song to life. Dress as a lifeguard with the classic red shorts and t-shirt printed with the word “Lifeguard.” Your little one will of course be the baby shark doo doo doo!

6. Subway Employee and Sub

Who doesn’t love a delicious Subway sandwich? This recognizable costume consists of a green Subway shirt, Subway visor, and black apron. Dress baby as a famous footlong sandwich by wrapping her burrito-style in a receiving blanket with the Subway logo.

Queen and Prince/Princess

This classic costume never goes out of style. Every mom is a queen and her little prince or princess is royalty. Online is an excellent place to shop for extravagant attire on a budget. Your little one can sport a fancy dress or sweater with shorts and knee-highs. Moms who have recently given birth may have trouble finding a lavish dress that fits just right. Consider maternity dress rentals like Mii Estilo’s Allium, an elegant off-the-shoulder gown, or Mii Estilo’s Cliva, a gorgeous velvet garment.

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