10 Pregnancy Hacks for Moms to Be

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but those nine months can be downright tough. You’re probably tired, achy, and perhaps a bit emotional. However, all those uncomfortable side effects will be forgotten the first time you hold your baby in your arms. In the meantime, there are several tried-and-true pregnancy hacks that can help get you through those challenging 40 weeks.

1. Alter Your Brushing Habits to Avoid Gagging

Does brushing your teeth make you gag? A heightened gag reflex is common in pregnancy but there are some things you can do to tame it. Start by swapping out your regular toothbrush for a child-size brush that’s smaller, making it easier to brush. If you can’t stomach mint toothpaste, try bubblegum. Going to the bathroom before brushing has also been said to calm the gag reflex.

2. Eat More Bananas to Fend Off Calf Cramps

There are few things worse than waking up to sudden, sharp pains in your calf muscles. The exact cause of leg cramps during pregnancy isn’t clear, but you can take steps to avoid them. Stretch before bed and try to stay active through regular physical experience. Foods high in potassium, like bananas, also provide the nutrients needed to ward off muscle cramps.

3. Rub Coconut Oil on Your Bump to Relieve Itchy Skin

As your skin stretches to accommodate your growing baby, it may start to itch. Coconut oil used two to three times a day can help relieve itchy skin, restore moisture, and help prevent the formation of stretch marks.

4. Stay Hydrated with High-Water Content Foods

It can be hard to drink enough water when you’re feeling nauseous and peeing frequently. Keep your body hydrated by snacking on foods with high water content, such as cucumbers, radishes, watermelon, strawberries, cantaloupe, and broths.

5. Keep a Stash of Crackers Near Your Bed to Fight Nausea

Morning sickness can begin as early as the first trimester and can sometimes remain until you give birth. Make mornings a little easier by nibbling on a few crackers in the morning before getting out of bed. Granola bars are a great alternative to crackers for those who prefer something a little sweeter.

6. Use Bra Extenders Instead of Buying New Bras

Bras can be expensive, especially when you’re forced to buy new ones over the course of your pregnancy. Save yourself some cash by using bra extenders instead of buying new bras.

7. Make Your Own Padsicles for Pregnancy & Postpartum Relief

Spread some aloe vera, witch hazel, and a few drops of lavender oil on maxi pads, place them in a freezer safe bag, and stick them in your freezer. These frozen DIY pads can provide relief for hemorrhoids during pregnancy and can help soothe your lady parts after giving birth.

8. Reduce Swelling by Soaking Your Feet in Epsom Salt

If your feet are retaining a lot of water, soaking them in a warm Epsom salt bath may help reduce swelling. Taking a bath with Epsom salts during pregnancy can also help ease back pain and sore muscles.

9. Use Satin Sheets to Help You Roll Over Easier in Bed

Getting comfortable in bed can be difficult when pregnant, especially in your third trimester. Consider switching out your regular cotton or polyester sheets for a satin option. The smooth, silky texture of satin sheets will make it easier to move about at night. They will also help to keep your skin cool.

10. Rent Maternity Dresses for Special Occasions Instead of Buying New

Spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on new designer maternity dresses that you’ll likely only wear once is a waste of money. Maternity dress rentals are an affordable way to get beautiful maternity gowns for special events without breaking the bank. Whether you need a maternity photoshoot dress for an upcoming maternity photoshoot or a casual maxi dress for a baby shower or other gathering, consider renting before buying.

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