7 Inspired Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Pregnancy Announcement IdeasReceiving the news of “You’re pregnant!” is one of the most exciting moments in a woman’s life. You may want to start telling your family and friends right away or wait a few weeks before making the big baby announcement. In the meantime, consider some fun ways to share this important milestone.

Check out our top picks for awesome pregnancy announcement ideas:

1. Balloon Pop

Gender Reveal

This fun trend has seen a lot of popularity over the last year, especially during gender reveal and baby shower parties. It certainly makes quite the birth announcement. Instead of coloring the cake blue or pink, choose a volunteer to fill an oversized opaque party balloon with helium and blue or pink confetti. Gather your guests and watch closely as a needle pierces the balloon and the gender is revealed for all to see, including the proud parents. Consider having a backup balloon ready in case the first one is accidentally released and floats away.

2. Sonogram Surprise


Some of the best baby announcement ideas come as a complete surprise. We’ve got a creative way to announce your pregnancy that will have that major shock factor. Fill a photo book with pictures of the family and slip a sonogram or ultrasound photo into the mix. As your friends and family flip through the book to see the beautiful photos, they will come across the sonogram and discover the surprise all on their own.

3. Maternity Photoshoot

Pregnancy Announcement

Speaking of photos, one of the best ways to announce a pregnancy is through fun photos. Hire a maternity photographer to snap some announcement photos that you can share with your family. There are countless ways to share the news in a photo, such as with a chalkboard note, a picture of your pets with a sign, or a picture of the entire family wearing shirts that dictate their new roles, such as “Big Brother!” Mama Bump Rentals can help you prepare for your shoot with maternity dress rentals. We offer a wide selection of maternity dresses for special occasions in a variety of sizes and styles.

4. Pregnancy Announcement Card

Pregnancy Announcement Card

This is a classic way to break the big news to loved ones about your new baby. You can even put your own spin on it, like a Christmas pregnancy announcement or sports-themed. Hand-delivered announcement cards are a special way to let a soon-to-be-grandparent in on the news.

5. Give a Gift


Gifts are not just fun for the recipient but can also be used to share news about a pregnancy. Have a onesie personalized with a sweet note, such as “You’re going to be grandparents!” or “Baby #2 coming in January 2022.” Gifts can also be as simple as a pair of baby shoes or a pacifier. While the recipients may be slightly confused at first, it won’t take long for them to get the message.

6. Pregnancy Announcement Shirt

Baby Shoes Photo

Personalized shirts or baby clothes like baby shoes and a onesie are a super cute idea & so worth the wait to share your excitement. This announcement idea has so much range from a cute pregnancy announcement to a funny pregnancy announcement you can really give it some personality.

7. Social Media Reveal

social media post

Let’s face it – most of us spend more time on social media than we’d like to admit. It’s only natural to want to share our good news with our followers. Keep your announcement simple with a photo that says it all, such as a closeup of your positive pregnancy test or a shot of your ultrasound picture hung on the fridge.

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