Top 2021 Baby Shower Themes

Baby shower traditions have evolved over the last few decades, but the main concept of these gatherings remains the same. Friends and family get together to celebrate the impending birth of a new baby and to help the excited parents acquire the supplies and gear they need to feel prepared. If you’re hosting an upcoming baby shower, you may be on the lookout for theme ideas. Get inspired for the big event with these fun baby shower themes for 2021.

1. Beach-Themed Baby Shower

Summer inevitable means trips to the beach to enjoy the sun, sand, and water. Consider bringing the beach to the mom-to-be by hosting a beach-themed baby shower. Purchase or DIY beach-inspired décor to decorate the space, such as wood signs to welcome your guests. Incorporate the beach theme into your meal plan by serving food in low-cost beach buckets with shovels. Set up a tiki hut to serve non-alcoholic mixed drinks.

2. Adventure-Themed Baby Shower

Any mom can tell you that motherhood is an adventure, starting from early pregnancy. Bring that notion into the baby shower by choosing an adventure theme. Choose fun and sophisticated décor to add visual interest to buffet tables, such as antique world globes and decorative suitcases filled with party favors. When sending out invitations, opt for a travel ticket-themed invite instead of a traditional design.

3. Pastel-Themed Baby Shower

Traditional pink or blue themed parties can get a bit boring. You can make your theme more stylish by choosing a pastel design palette that includes soft yellow, mint, mauve, lavender, peach, or periwinkle. Pastels are gender-neutral and can create a colorful backdrop without being overly bright. Keep the menu simple by serving a hodgepodge of finger foods, such as bite-sized sandwiches, sliced apples with caramel sauce, fresh veggies, and dessert platters.

4. Spa-Themed Baby Shower

Who says Mom can’t enjoy a little rest and relaxation at her baby shower? A spa-themed shower is a great way to help the mom-to-be feel more energized and rejuvenated before the birth. Put together a botanical theme complete with plenty of fresh flowers and natural green décor. Schedule a team of nail technicians to give everyone a foot soak and pedicure. Favors may include small bottles of luxury lotions, lip balms and other self-care goodies.

5. Dressing for Your Baby Shower

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