Best Fall Photoshoot Ideas

Fall is a magical time of year to have a maternity photoshoot. The air is crisp, the leaves are changing, and the array of yellow, orange, red, and brown shades create a cozy backdrop. If you’re planning a fall photoshoot to celebrate the new life that your body is working so hard to create, you’ll want to get inspired. Here are some fun and creative fall photoshoot ideas for your upcoming maternity shoot.

1. Frolic in the Leaves

If you’re planning a family photoshoot, consider making it a joyous occasion by allowing your little ones to toss leaves into the air. The expecting couple should be the focus of the shot as they sit together in the crunchy leaves. Children should be on either side tossing handfuls of leaves into the air as the proud parents watch. These types of fall photos are more relaxed and often full of cheerful emotions that are captured on film. For a family photo, consider a maternity photoshoot dress with a flowy design where the fabric cascades around you.

2. Pose in a Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkins are the ultimate symbol of fall. Consider hosting your fall photoshoot in a local pumpkin patch for a more casual take on a maternity photoshoot. Find the biggest pumpkin in the patch and use it as a makeshift chair. Try to find an area that has a visually appealing background, such as stacked hay bales or a spanning apple orchid. Chic boho maternity dresses are a great option for a casual fall photoshoot where looks and comfort matter.

3. Get Romantic in the Sunset

Couples maternity photos are a must-have for any expecting parents. Bring romance to your photoshoot by scheduling it during sunset. The warm, amber light of the setting sun will surpass any studio lighting you could ever create. Try to take the photos while the sun is just above the horizon but not too high. As you shop for maternity gowns for this special occasion, consider an ivory vintage lace dress that will stand out against the colorful backdrop.

4. Take a Walk in the Woods

Few places are more beautiful in the fall than the woods. Choose a bright and clear day to walk into the woods to a clearing among the trees. This will allow some natural light to enter the space and create a warm glow on your skin. Take your photoshoot to the next level with a sleek and sophisticated gown. Maternity dress rentals with features like sweetheart necklines and mermaid flare bottoms help create a whimsical feel that is perfect for a wooded fall photo.

5. Arrange a Fall Picnic

Set up a picnic in a beautiful area, such as a park or forested area. Lay down a cozy plaid or knitted blanket and all of the props you’ll need to pull off the shoot, such as apples, pumpkins, candles, baskets, fall flowers, books, and a pie. After the session is over, enjoy the picnic for real. For your picnic attire, consider an off the shoulder maxi gown with crochet detailing.

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