6 Ideas for Organizing a Baby Closet

With baby due to arrive in a blink of an eye, it’s time to get organized. Between spit up and messy diapers, you may be changing your newborn as often as every two to three hours. Without a well-stocked and organized closet, you may be rushing around to find what you need. These parent-approved tips will get your baby closet tidy and simplified.

1. Make a Plan

Before jumping into closet organization, have a plan in place. Do you plan on separating clothes based on type – e.g. pants, shirts, onesies, etc.? Will items of different sizes be stored separately? You’ll also want to consider how you prefer to store baby clothes. Some parents like the convenience of baskets, while others use infant hangers to make it easy to flip through outfit options.

2. Add a Second Rod

Due to their miniature size, most closets can accommodate two rows of clothing rods to double your hanging space. Adding a second rod to the closet also helps maximize the vertical space while leaving plenty of room below to store diapers, blankets, and toys.

3. Install Shelving

Shelving in a baby closet can provide room for additional storage. Many items cannot be easily hung on a hanger, such as burp cloths, socks, hats, bibs, and other baby gear. Organize these smaller items into baskets and slide them onto a shelving unit installed vertically in the closet or horizontally above or below the clothing rods.

4. Make Use of Door Space

The back of the closet door can hold a lot of baby supplies. If you have limited space, mount a vertical, track-based storage system onto the door and add your preference of shelving and baskets. For a more cost-effective alternative, consider an over-the-door organizer with clear pockets.

5. Opt for Clear Bins or Labels

New parents are busy and don’t have to look through every basket to find what they need. Make it easy to see everything you have by storing baby items in transparent bins, glass-front drawers, or in opaque baskets with clear labels.

6. Create a Simple System

Babies grow fast and soon enough, many of the cute outfits will no longer fit. Keep a small basket in the closet to place items that no longer fit. Add a second basket for dirty laundry to make it easy to keep clothes separated.

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