Best Outdoor Backdrops for Your Summer Maternity Photoshoot

While babies born in any season are a blessing, there’s something extra special about a summer pregnancy. The weather is warm, fresh fruits and vegetables are abundant, and maternity wear is at its best. Summer is also the perfect time to have your maternity photoshoot.

Nice weather means ample opportunities to get outside and snap some amazing pictures. Here are our picks for the best outdoor backdrops for a summer maternity photoshoot.

1. Ocean Views


One of the most popular backdrops for summer maternity photoshoots is the beach. There are few things more beautiful than a white sandy beach with water lapping at the shore. Aim for a sunrise or sunset shot that will create a relaxed atmosphere. Scheduling a maternity photoshoot for the early morning or evening can also help you avoid the crowds.

2. Lush Forest


Want to beat the heat? Head to the forest for a whimsical summer maternity photoshoot. Forest shoots are particularly great for cloudy days as this is when the light in the forest is most suitable for portraits. When shooting in the forest, the maternity photographer should consider the direction of light. Light may shine through the tops of the trees or gaps between the trunks, creating different lighting moods. If you’re shooting on a particularly sunny day, try going in the evening when the light is softer.

3. Botanical Garden


If you can’t get enough of Mother Nature, consider a visit to your local botanical garden. The photographer will not only capture your beauty but also the beauty of the colorful plant life around you. You may choose to have flowers or plants in the foreground or background of your photos to enhance the texture and hues. While you may be required to purchase a ticket to enter, the results are likely to be worth the expense.

4. Iconic Architecture


History buffs will love celebrating the upcoming delivery of their child among incredible architecture. Take a tour of your city to find some of the most beautiful buildings and consider having your maternity photoshoot in one of these prime locations. An old train station, bookstore, church, or other building of interest can make for an appealing backdrop for a photo.

5. Rocky Region


Rock formations provide a neutral, yet visually engaging backdrop for summer maternity photoshoots. The rugged coastline is a great location to have your shoot as the rocks and cliffs add instant dimension to any picture. Ask your maternity photographer to snap a few pictures with a lens that accommodates a slightly wider angle to get more of the beautiful location in view while still focusing on the model.

6. Foot Bridge


Create a striking environment for your summer maternity photoshoot by posing on a scenic footbridge. The natural scenery surrounding a bridge not only improves the quality of maternity pictures but also gives the photographer the chance to slightly blur the background for an artistic touch.

Designer Maternity Dresses for Your Summer Photoshoot

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