How to Stage a Pet Maternity Photoshoot


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Spring is a time of rebirth, and in the animal world, the actual birth of countless cute and cuddly creatures. From dogs and cats to rabbits and horses and beyond, every pregnancy is special and deserves attention.

At Mama Bump Rentals, our appreciation for expecting mamas isn’t just limited to the human species. Expecting pets should also be celebrated. If your precious pet is going to be a mom, consider announcing the upcoming litter with maternity photos.

Inspired by a TikTok video published by Caitie @caitiesfosterfam that affirms the beauty of all moms-to-be, here are some tips for staging a maternity photoshoot for your own pet.

Staging a Pet Maternity Photoshoot

Pet photography can be a little tricky, but the results are often spectacular. Of course, there are a few tricks that can help ensure a stunning outcome. First, the photos should be taken at the pet’s level. This may require getting down on the ground near your pet to shoot from their perspective. Have plenty of treats in hand or a favorite toy to keep their attention.

Another popular pose for pet maternity photography involves shooting directly down as your pet lies in the grass or on a blanket. Pregnant dogs and cats may be most comfortable lounging on their back with their belly in the air. Use props like flower petals to spread around your pet to add pops of color and texture.

Not all pets will stand still as you snap photos but that’s okay! Adjust your camera setting to capture your pet in action. Whether she’s prancing around the backyard or smelling her favorite tree, don’t be afraid to get candid pictures.

Incorporating Fun Props in a Pet Maternity Photoshoot

You’ll also want to bring fun props into the photoshoot. If your expecting pet has had an ultrasound, frame the photo and have it displayed in the picture. You can also loosely wrap your dog in twinkle lights to create a magical feel. Your pet can even dress for the occasion. Put her in a pretty dress, decorative collar, flower crown or wrap a bow gently around her bulging belly.

Posing with Your Pet in a Maternity Photoshoot

Human companions can also get involved in their pet’s maternity photoshoot. Take artistic pictures with your pet by wrapping your pet in a feather-light garment that will blow in the wind when a fan is pointed in your pet’s direction. Get matchy-matchy with your pet by wearing a flowy designer garment in a similar style and color. Dedicated pet parents will love having these special photos with their pets.

There is nothing more beautiful than an expecting mama. Celebrate this momentous occasion in your and your pet’s life by taking photos that you can cherish for many years to come. Happy Earth Day!