Maternity Halloween Costumes and Photoshoot Ideas

With Halloween on the horizon, it’s time to choose the perfect costume. If you’re expecting, you may be wondering about the best way to incorporate your baby belly into the fun Halloween festivities. Whether you’re looking to win the costume contest at the annual Halloween party or have scheduled a Halloween pregnancy photoshoot, these Halloween maternity photoshoot and costume ideas are sure to get you inspired!

Maternity Halloween Costumes

Use your cute bump to your advantage by choosing a clever Halloween costume this year. There are many costume ideas for pregnant women, such as a disco ball, Cookie Monster, Captain Hook, or the Kool-Aid man. Get creative with a fun costume like Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc. or consider couples costumes like Winnie-the-Pooh and Christopher Robin. You can even go as your favorite character from a TV show or movie. For example, Star Wars fans may choose a Chewbacca or pregnant Princess Leia costume.

Check out these other pregnancy Halloween costume ideas:

1. Goddess

evie-pink-fairy-tale-maternity-gownShowcase your inner goddess with a gorgeous maternity Halloween costume. Constellation by J&L Designs Boutique delivers goddess vibes with its stars and moon design. Complete your Halloween costume with a gold headband, a pair of strappy sandals, and a stack of gold bangles.

2. Mummy to Be

Looking for a simple costume idea? Be what you were born to be, a mummy! For an easy mummy costume, put on a white t-shirt and pants and wrap your bump and the rest of your body in gauze. If you don’t have gauze on hand, cut a pair of tights or an extra white shirt into long strips and attach them with a hot glue gun. You can even add some googly eyes on your baby bump to make it look like your little monster is peeking out.

3. Mermaid

anis-mermaid-maternity-gownLate in your pregnancy, you may be feeling like a fish out of water. A mermaid Halloween costume is just what you need to feel like your most fabulous self. Start with a base, a mermaid-style dress like the beautiful Anis by Mii Estilo. Then add some fun accessories, like a seashell necklace and crown.

4. Pumpkin

Nothing says Happy Halloween like a pumpkin. Create a DIY Halloween costume using just a few supplies you have lying around your house. Cut out some pumpkin eyes, a nose, and a mouth from black felt and glue them onto an orange shirt, directly onto your belly. Slip on a pair of black leggings and your simple costume is complete.

5. Avocado

Who doesn’t love avocados? This pregnancy Halloween costume idea is the perfect way to showcase your pregnant belly. Pregnant couples can go in on this theme together for even more Halloween fun. Of course, mom will have the half with the avocado pit to accommodate her pregnant belly and dad can be the other half of the avocado. Need an accessory? Carry a bag of your favorite corn chips and enjoy a few when you get a pregnancy craving.

6. Elf

Another maternity Halloween costume to consider this Halloween is an elf. We’re not talking about Christmas elves that make toys, but rather an enchanting wood elf that is in tune with Mother Nature. When choosing your elf maternity costume, opt for a dress that is flowy and whimsical, like Penelope by MBR Signature. For your accessories, wear a tiara with twigs and leaves, as well as a pair of ornate elf ears.

7. Magic 8 Ball

Pumpkins are the not only way to show off your baby bump. You can also transform your belly into a Magic 8 Ball. Wear a plain black dress or black shirt and pants. Use white felt and a black marker to create the iconic “8” circle. Then use a blue piece of felt to create a triangle with a fun “prediction.” For example, your prediction could say “Expect Sleepless Nights Ahead.”

8. Baseball

Sports lovers can liven up any Halloween party with the right costume. Of course, a baby bump is the perfect shape to be a baseball. Use a red marker on a white shirt to create the stitching for the baseball on your belly. Then pull on your favorite sports team t-shirt and tuck it under to create a crop top. For accessories, put on a baseball cap and carry around a baseball bat, or even some colorful pom-poms.

9. Renaissance

clivia-cognac-velvet-renaissance-maternity-gownAll pregnant women deserve to be treated like royalty. Become a renaissance queen for a day by wearing a breathtaking gown, like Clivia by Mii Estilo. Add some waves to your hair and place a jeweled crown upon your head. You’ll also want to wear plenty of bold jewelry to show your status, as well as a scepter to complete the look.

10. Gumball Machine

Prefer a silly maternity costume? Dress as a gumball machine this Halloween. Attach dozens of colorful pom poms to a white shirt to represent gumballs. Put on a red skirt and hat to look like the top and bottom of the gumball machine. If you want to get the kids and hubby involved, make it a family Halloween costume theme. Have your partner dress as a quarter for the “machine” and have the kids dress up as pieces of bubblegum.

11. Vampire

black-vampire-style-maternity-gownEmbrace your dark side as a vampire! This spooky costume will require a rich-colored velvet dress, like the Adalee or Darah, that will perfectly complement your baby bump. Add some smokey makeup, a red lip, some vampire teeth, and fake blood and you will be prepared to take on Halloween as a creature of the night.

12. Fairy Princess

Do you love all things whimsical? Dress up as a fairy princess with a unique, beautiful dress from Mama Bump Rentals, such as the Evie maternity gown. Add a pair of iridescent wings and a fun magic wand and you’ll be ready to grant some wishes.

Halloween Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

Once you’ve found the perfect pregnant Halloween costume, you’ll want to capture it on camera. Whatever cute idea you choose will be perfect for a Halloween maternity photoshoot. Whether you decide to dress like your husband with a beer belly or one of these other fun ideas, getting these costumes memorialized in pictures is the best way to remember this special Halloween.

Here are some Halloween maternity photoshoot ideas to consider:

Use Fall Foliage as a Backdrop

fall-foliage-maternity-photoshootChoosing a backdrop for your Halloween pregnancy photoshoot is one of the toughest decisions you’ll have to make. Many pregnant women love the natural beauty of the changing fall leaves. The reds, browns, and yellows make for a vibrant backdrop and can fit nearly any Halloween character theme, from scary to silly and everything in between.

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

A pumpkin patch is also an incredible place to shoot your maternity photos. Sit in the grass with the pumpkins in the background or find a cozy spot on a hay square. Become one with the pumpkins by wearing a pumpkin costume with your baby bump impersonating a jack-o-lantern. You can also hold a small pumpkin in your hands with your baby’s name and due date. Be sure to ask the photographer to get some close-ups.

Utilize Fun Props

When it comes to Halloween maternity photoshoots, there are plenty of fun props to choose from. Of course, you have your traditional choices like pumpkins, cauldrons, and tombstones. For example, the dad-to-be can hold a pumpkin, while you hold your belly for a fun shot! You can also choose props that coordinate with your pregnant Halloween costume.

Wear Warm Colors

Warm colors scream fall, making them the perfect addition to any Halloween photoshoot. When putting together your look, search for dresses in warm hues, like the Harley Gold dreamy long-lace maternity gown. Harley Gold by J&L Designs Boutique is created from stretch floral lace and offers beautiful details that will stand out in your photos.

Painted Pumpkin Belly Bump

If you’re pregnant during the month of October, you’ll definitely want to take the time to paint your belly. When it comes to pregnant Halloween costume ideas, there’s no better option than a painted pumpkin belly bump. With non-toxic paint, paint a pumpkin or smiling jack-o-lantern on your belly. Wrap your hands on each side of your bump to look like you’re holding the pumpkin as your photographer snaps some amazing photos.

Try a Black and White Maternity Shoot


Black and white photography
is known to create a unique mood that is a little dark and eerie. This Halloween, consider getting some photos of your Halloween costume in black and white. Black and white photography works great outdoors, especially in wooded areas where there are a lot of contrasting elements in the background. If you prefer an in-studio shoot, consider a black and white session with cobwebs and other creepy décor and props.

Don’t think of being pregnant during Halloween as a limitation, but rather an opportunity to use your beautiful belly bump as part of your costume. With the right outfit, you’ll be eager to showcase your pregnancy both in-person and on camera. Plus, if you’re celebrating Halloween with your family, don’t miss out on the chance to create lasting memories with a family Halloween photoshoot.