Renting vs. Buying a Wedding Dress

Every bride is beautiful, and much of her glow has to do with the dress she wears. Choosing the perfect wedding dress is vital for that special day. But different brides have different priorities. Do you plan to spend most of your money on the wedding or on your dream-destination honeymoon? Will you cherish your wedding dress as a family heirloom and pass it on to the next generation? Or do you plan to wear it once and then hang it in the back of the closet? Lifestyle is the biggest indication of whether you should rent or buy your wedding dress. Either choice will help you score the dress of your dreams for that most important of days.

Advantages of Renting Your Wedding Dress

Many brides-to-be aren’t aware that wedding-dress rental is even a thing, but in reality, it’s a great way to show up in a dress you might otherwise be unable to afford. By renting a dress that’s been previously worn, you can opt for a designer dress that’s elegantly made and perfectly fitted to your figure. It will cost much less than purchasing the dress, and no one needs to know your secret. There are other advantages to renting your wedding dress, too.

  • Limited alterations are possible.
  • You won’t have to store the dress afterward.
  • Renting stretches your wedding budget farther.
  • The cost of dry-cleaning is typically included in the rental fee. Simply wear it and return it.

Benefits of Buying the Dress for Your Wedding

Of course, some brides-to-be have big plans for their wedding dress after the day. For these ladies, buying a dress is obviously a better option. When you purchase your wedding dress, you’re free to have it altered any way you choose. Having it cleaned afterward is also your responsibility, however. So is finding an appropriate way to store it forever. For most women who opt for outright purchase, however, the benefits make that extra work and money worth it.

  • Have your outdoor wedding and reception without worrying about the damage it may do to your dress.
  • Pass your dress down to your own daughter, grand-daughter, or niece.
  • Pull your dress out from time to time and relive that day of your dreams.
  • Alter your dress afterward to make it more suitable for casual occasions.

Regardless of which option you choose, you’re going to be stunning on your wedding day. You’ll have a dress that fits you perfectly, that looks new, and that makes you feel like a queen, just like every bride deserves. The choice is entirely yours. And even if you opt for rental, no one will know that but you.

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