7 Tips for Your Summer Maternity Photoshoot

Summer is one of the best seasons to have a maternity photoshoot. The weather is warm, your skin is glowing, and the setting evening sun creates the perfect ambiance. When preparing for a summer maternity photoshoot, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind.

1. Pack a Bag of Summer Essentials


There are certain challenges that summer presents that are not as common in other seasons, such as pesky mosquitoes, harmful UV rays, and hot temperatures. Be prepared for whatever issues may arise by packing a bag of summer essentials. Some key items to bring include bug spray, sunblock, a comb, baby powder, and blotting paper to eliminate shiny skin.

2. Schedule a Same-Day Hair Appointment


Summer heat can wreak havoc on hair, causing it to go limp and lifeless. If possible, schedule your hair appointment in the hours leading up to the photoshoot. Ask your stylist to give you a good blow out using the right products to maintain volume throughout the shoot.

3. Dress for the Heat


One of the best things about summer maternity pictures is the ability to wear whatever you’d like. At Mama Bump Rentals, you’ll find a large selection of designer maternity dresses that are light, airy, and perfect for summer shoots. If the entire family is joining in on the fun, consider choosing a color scheme or style that works for the whole family.

4. Bring a Portable Pop-Up Changing Station


The last thing you want at your maternity photoshoot is wrinkled clothes. Consider investing in a low-cost portable pop-up changing station where you can easily change into your dress on-site. These changing stations take just a minute to set up and can prevent a lot of hassle and stress.

5. Choose a Cool Location


When the weather is hot, you want to be somewhere cool and comfortable. Consider a photoshoot location that is cool and breezy, such as the beach or near a water feature. Having your maternity photoshoot in the evening hours after the sun starts to set can also make the experience more comfortable for expecting moms.

6. Brainstorm Maternity Photoshoot Ideas


It can be hard to remember all the ideas you have for your maternity photoshoot when you’re in the moment. Start jotting down ideas for poses, props, and scenes before the big day. A maternity photoshoot is a big investment, and you don’t want to have any regrets later.

7. Remember to Have Fun


Don’t let the planning phase of your summer maternity photoshoot get you overwhelmed. Remember, it’s supposed to be a fun experience that you can look back on with fond memories for years to come.

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