How to Find the Right Maternity Photographer

Every mom wants to look back at her pregnancy with awe and remember the sweet anticipation. Maternity pictures provide a creative outlet for expecting parents who want to celebrate their pregnancy journey and memorialize their baby bump in film.

Of course, choosing a photographer for a maternity photoshoot isn’t always easy. The right candidate should possess strong technical skills and specialize in pregnancy photography. It’s also important to feel comfortable with your photographer and enjoy their artistic style.

If you’re preparing for an upcoming shoot, here are several tips to help you find the right maternity photographer.

Match a Photographer’s Style with Your Vision

Photography is a diverse form of art and no two people do it the same. Every photographer has his or her own style and this is often evident in their photo gallery.

When comparing maternity photographers, scroll through their website and gallery to gauge their style. For example, some maternity photographers prefer candid photos while others enjoy editorial photography. You may find some photographers that do a lot of black and white photos while others capture vibrant colors.

See what style of maternity photography best piques your interest.

Align Your Goals with a Photographer’s Cost and Availability

Price is often a leading factor when finding the right maternity photographer. Although cost alone should not influence your final decision, you will want to find a photographer within your budget. Remember, pricing is dependent on a range of factors such as experience, location, product offering, and design services.

Many maternity photographers offer package deals that can save you money on your maternity photos. Do they charge a set session fee? Sell only digital photos? Offer an all-inclusive package? These are important questions to ask your top candidates.

Maternity photos are generally taken between 28 and 36 weeks, meaning you have just a short window to schedule your photoshoot. You’ll want to make sure that the maternity photographer you choose has an open slot during this timeframe.

Ensure that You are Comfortable with Your Photographer

When comparing maternity photographers, consider experience and personality. You want to choose a photographer that you are comfortable with, that communicates well, and that appears knowledgeable in areas like lighting, props, poses, and maternity photoshoot ideas.

The photographer should be willing to fully explain the process from start to finish and answer any questions you may have along the way. Avoid photographers that do not call you back in a timely manner or try to hurry you through the process.

Preparing for Your Maternity Photoshoot

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